“A beautiful legend that speaks to our need as humans to share earth’s limited resources. Woodard is a fine story teller and succeeds in transporting us into a mythological time where animals and humans compete to survive, and a boy has the courage to convince others of the truth.”

Evelyn Christensen
Award Wining Author and Puzzle Creator

Excitement starts early in this story of a brave, clever boy called Naa’ki, and the eagle with whom he bargains for his life. Danger, beauty, humor, and in the end, deep satisfaction.  Flying is just a piece of what Naa’ki learns.
Martha Bennett Stiles

1998                                      LONESOME ROAD
1999                                      ISLAND MAGIC
2007, 1962                         ONE AMONG THE INDIANS
July 2012, Henry Holt Books  SAILING TO FREEDOM website catch-all re books

By the light of leaping flames, an old man speaks of a time when food was scarce, when man and beast faced possible starvation, and when survival required tough decisions.One boy counts on his wits, his courage and his determination to fly with eagles, to teach his tribe essential lessons and to assure survival for all in this evocative, skillfully woven legend.

Karen M. Leet
Civil War Lexington, Kentucky