by Ben on February 29, 2012

A must read comment on the tragedy at Chardon High via @christinenolfi

Short Story

by Ben on February 24, 2012

Did you like Otter the Eagle? What about the grizzly? A new short story brings them back. And, Naa’ki is there too. Watch for it.

This Friday Only!

by Ben on February 16, 2012

Go to to download a FREE COPY of THE BOY WHO FLEW WITH EAGLES #WLC #FreeEbookFridayWLC #WLCBookEvent


by Ben on November 28, 2011

Now available in iBooks. Read on your iPad, IPhone or iPod Touch.


by Ben on November 15, 2011

Three five star reviews on Amazon. Greatly appreciated, but all are from adults. If your child has read it, please ask them to review. And we need honest reviews. If the child thinks it is a three star, then that’s how they should rank it.

Thanks for buying and reviewing!


Now Available!

by Ben on November 9, 2011

The book is available on Kindle, Nook and Smashwords. And you don’t need an e-reader. Download a free app from Amazon and/or Nook to your computer, smartphone, or iPad, and read any ebook they offer. If you like the book, please leave a review.


by Ben on November 8, 2011

The book will be available on Kindle and Nook. iBookstore later.

Wednesday, November 9!

by Ben on November 4, 2011

WaHoo! The Boy Who Flew With Eagles will be available this Wednesday. Buy it on Amazon for Kindle, Barnes and Noble for Nook, and on Smashwords for all formats.

Coming Soon!

by Ben on November 1, 2011

The Boy Who Flew With Eagles will be available in the next few days. Check back to find out when. Thanks.